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November 9-11-2019
National Universities Commission, Abuja
4 Professional Judges

Welcome To Abuja National Music Competition

 About the Competition

Abuja National Music Competition was founded by Abba Music School in 2017.The inaugural event held on the 20th of May 2017 at Merit House and the second held 10th of November 2018 at National Universities Commission (NUC) Abuja. The purpose of the Abuja National Music Competition is to promote the relevance of music in our society

The theme “Take the Stage” was developed as an illustration that healthy competition fosters creativity. Rewards motivate people to give excellent performance and also give a sense of accomplishment having achieved the goal.

This is open to children in the elementary and secondary schools in and out of Abuja giving them the opportunity to compete against each other in vocal and instrumental music.


To create a platform that fosters competition and growth in music and performance




The Abuja National Music Competition… Celebrating excellence in music!!

Music plays such a large part in our lives today. Be it doing daily chores, solving complex mathematic equations, exercising, listening to the radio or watching MTV, our lives can be summed up in a music playlist. Researchers have discovered that early musical training helps to develop a child’s mental and creative abilities. This results when a child learning how to play an instrument is taught to sight-read, coordinate his/her mind and body, rehearse regularly, understand rhythm, calculate beat count and note value. All these are valuable skills that help unlock great potential in a child.

Music also helps to enhance teamwork and discipline. In order for an orchestra to produce harmony, all players must work together towards a single goal – the final performance; and must commit to learning music, attending rehearsals, and practicing.Recently, a wealth of creative talent seems to be springing up within schools. Students are finding ways to express themselves creatively through different styles and forms of music. Quite a number of schools are now seeing the benefit of using music for more than just entertainment; music has also become a tool for enhancing academic growth.

What’s more? Music helps broaden a child’s mind through increased development of the ‘left brain’. Often times, music reflects the environment and time of its creation. Music itself is history – each new piece usually has a story that transcends time thereby furthering a student’s’ appreciation of other generations and cultures.

The Abuja National Music Competition has been created to provide elementary and secondary school children a means of exposure and the environment required to develop and show excellence in music. Our aim is to discover innate musical talent in children by offering a platform that allows them express their creativity and compete against their peers in a healthy environment while strengthening their artistic prowess.

We seek to reward the best creative and artistic skills as we believe that healthy competition brings out the best in children.  Rewarding them for their time, energy and consistent practice will nudge them towards being responsible and relevant citizens to their communities in the near future.


Marthar Bradford
Marthar Bradford
Barbra Maigari
Barbra Maigari
An accomplished vocalist
Babafemi Ogundipe
Babafemi Ogundipe
Music Instructor at Musical Society of Nigeria
Adebowale Adeogun
Adebowale Adeogun
Senior Lecturer



This is divided into two (2), Junior choir and Senior choir. Minimum of 15 and maximum of 50 vocalists form elementary and secondary schools compete together as a group. One winner, first and  second runner-up for each category will emerge


Two (2) Individuals from each school can be registered to  compete using one of the following musical instruments namely, violin, cello,, viola, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, flute, or piano. Performances will not exceed 5 Minutes


Two (2) Individuals from each school can be registered to compete. Performances will not exceed 5 Minutes.




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National Universities Commission,

Maitama. Abuja

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